Thursday, 29 April 2010


OMG! WTF!! It's a shiny sparkling new one! Now I just have to work out what it's going to be about....runs through the list in her head. I could do a review of all the MMOs I've played from a female non-geek point of view? Nah, I know someone who'd be laughing their ass off at that suggestion! I could do a crafty one but I haven't found my crafting 'nische' yet (one day I might google how to spell that). I could do one about life with teenage children but I'm pretty sure that's been covered somewhere & they're just learn as you go along really! So watch this space anyway.....I need a cunning plan to make everyone bow in the shadow of my awesomeness *grins*

I know what! Type a comment on any random subject you like & I'll try & write a few paragraphs on it. I'll try to put any information I have to use in straightforward femaleness & that way everyone'll be able to understand it, even blonde people!

It might be a factual answer, an anecdote, a bit of fiction. I'll see the comment & then work out what I'm going to do with it. Try & be a bit creative with the comment. If I get more than one comment I'll have to go with the top one (unless it's utter bollox of course).


Stray said...

Who came first the chicken or the egg?