Thursday, 17 June 2010

How do they know how babies tongues work to breastfeed - positioning of nipple inside the mouth etc? Have they done fancy camera stuff or something?

I'm pretty crap at these questions really! Who would have thought I'd be stumped by these & not the space telescope ones!! (might just be out of practice though)I feel uncomfy at the thought that I'm more of a geek than a mum!!

Well, I presume babies kinda squeeze the nipple on the roof of their mouths & that's why it's better if it's pointing upwards & the tongue kinda curls round it? I did watch a program once that said the ability to suck properly gets lost after a certain age. When you feed babies & they pull off quick, you can see they have rolled tongues but I haven't really thought about this much beyond that. I couldn't find any evidence of them using cameras for research anywhere...think it's just one of those 'known' things lol.
Babies know their mums by smell as soon as they're born apparently as well....some things are just amazing. When babies are born the blood in the mums body coagulates as well, so the placenta can break away from the womb & the mum doesn't bleed to death (as long as she isn't anemic of course) does it know to do all this weird stuff?? Babies cry & it is tuned into the mums hearing & she's the one it effects most! I find the whole thing fascinating but have decided not to have any more babies. I go through phases & at the moment I don't think it'd be good idea ....I expect I'll change my mind again soon though! I see babies & my clock ticks VERY loudly & screams 'I WANT ONE' at me constantly for a couple of days lol. I have no idea why I get so broody! I really can't stand being pregnant...REALLY can't stand it & the thought of breastfeeding leaves me in a cold sweat...the blisters! OUCH!! So it must just be the body clock....


Flame said...

Sorry for Strawb being so broodyfying :D

If idle hands are the devil's something, then busy hands must be something godly I presume... where does god stand on people busying their hands with murdering people?