Sunday, 9 May 2010

"Could a space telescope be pointed at the site of the moon landings to prove that humans really did land there?"

"Could a space telescope be pointed at the site of the moon landings to prove that humans really did land there?" or are we all doomed to consipracy theorists saying it never happened and America just wasted a load of money to fool the world?!

Ok, that's the full question & it wasn't as difficult to answer as I thought it would be! Phew! (I should be able to converse with some seriously geeky people after researching this lot! lol)

Anyway, I don't really think what you do or achieve is ever gonna be enough for some people, there are always gonna be chin rubbing doubters with 'pull the other one' expressions on their faces. That said, there's alot of Independent evidence to support the claims of NASA on this one (evidence that didn't come from NASA or the US Government or from the Apollo Moon Landing Hoax Theorists) and plans have been suggested to use telescopes to examine the site of the Apollo Moon Landing from as far back as 2002.

There is a telescope capable of such a thing, well kind of... it's not one but 4 optical telescopes grouped together & called 'The Very Large Telescope' (wonder who thought of that name, although, even that's not as bad as the OWL! lol....look it up!) it's supported by 14 European countries (ESO) & based in Chile. This telescope is capable of seeing between the headlights of a car if it was positioned on the moon. Previous attempts to look at the moon from the Earth have resulted in distorted pictures owing to the Earths atmosphere but The VLT has infra red features to prevent all that. It's images are up to 3 times sharper than those received from Hubble (space telescope), even though Hubble is actually in space & therefore not affected by the Earths atmosphere at all. So in all a pretty snazzy piece of equipment (I was seriously gobsmacked at the stuff this thing can do....looking at moon Landing sites seems a bit of a waste really lol).

This is actually pretty interesting & I'm going to read a bit more about it before I go to sleep.... Damn you Jason (Strays lol)....I'm interested now!

Right, so the answer to your question is: No. As far as my extensive research goes, a 'space' telescope can't be pointed at the site of the Apollo Moon Landings to disprove the conspiracy theorists. The smallest thing the Hubble Telescope can see is just under 100 meters and flags aren't that big. But, the VLT can (I couldn't find anything to say it actually has been though). There is also the independent evidence however, so being 'doomed to conspiracy theorists' isn't really necessary at all, unless you want to be of course.

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Dissolute said...

Not bad I went easy on you didnt want you researching all night into something just yet.. I might though :P
Althought to be fair you didnt answer about space telescope per say just mentioned briefly about hubble but still I will leave you be for a bit just yet :)