Friday, 7 May 2010

Please tell me more about gaming and why you like to play.

Please tell me more about gaming and why you like to play. We are currently playing DDO like once or twice a week tues and thursdays should join us its free! That's the full comment.

Gaming gaming's a bit of a passion of mine. I don't think I'm a true geeky gamer, I kinda play vicariously through others on a part time basis. Most of the games I've played have been on US servers, or on open servers so anyone from anywhere can play on them. This, for me, has made gaming quite hard at times. Staying up until 7am trying to get my corpse back & then having to get the kids fed, breakfasted & off to school on time has sometimes proved difficult to say the least! Norrath sucked me in though. It sucked me in and made me forget about the crap going on in my life at the time. It gave me a magical land of enchantment to escape to anytime I turned on my computer. Instead of a wardrobe it was a computer screen, instead of Narnia, it was Norrath, but the effect was the same..... pure escapism.

The small avatar I created all those years ago had my thoughts, did as it was told & became something very special to me. I felt powerful, I loved healing people & actually felt I was doing some good in a world. Even if it wasn't the normal one! lol.

At first I had to restrict my gaming to between the hours of 8pm (after my small kids were sleeping) & Midnight (I had to get up in the morning). I watched everyone around me succumb to the powers of gaming & found it quite scary (one person I played with regularly, forgot to collect the kids from school all the time. Another left her mum in a room talking to me because she was being 'twinked' (armour upgrades), even though her mum was leaving to move to Ireland the next day!:p). I set myself severe limits & stuck to them on week days until my kids were alot bigger & no longer needed me to do everything for them. So anyway, hmmm 'Tell me more about gaming' not sure I can really, considering you play alot more than me & have done for possibly alot longer than me! You know more than me I'm sure, I could explain about character creating, entering a new world for the first time, equipment, trade skilling....the list is endless but it's not anything you don't already know about.

The best game for me will always be EverQuest, it was my first game. Even though I've played quite a few since then, I still miss aspects of it (who ever thought I'd miss dragging corpses!?). I also loved my characters in City of Heroes, I had a spines scrapper called Mwahahahaha & she was amazing! She sneezed out spines like much fun! That game was a big letdown for me though...I'm not a bloke & found the grind boring, the monsters & NPCs (non player characters) all the same & it got old very fast! Shame really, it had so much potential! Everquest II was a fun game, the people I was playing with made it fun & I loved being a Reaper of Sorrow (Still such a cool name!) again. The camaraderie wasn't there as it had been in EQ, something was missing & there wasn't even Teamspeak or Ventrilo (kinda like Skype for gamers) in the old days, but for some reason, playing & chatting was alot harder in EQ2. I still loved it though.

Playing with friends is always the best thing ever. They may be friends you've never met, but that doesn't mean they care any less. Alot of my friends from gaming have actually been more constant in my life than real life friends. We've been through alot together & not just slaying big dragons & getting each other out of bind loops either, real emotion gets passed over through those keys! We've been there to offer support, even if it's just been virtually. Sometimes it's alot easier to tell things to someone you're not likely to clap eyes on for a while. It helps knowing there's someone there at 3am when you can't sleep too! Trust me...there's nothing like a bit of slaying to get me in the mood for sleep, forget sex & get smiting! lol.

So, I've rambled on enough but you should get my gist by now. I'm not playing a game at the moment, I don't have a computer capable of playing anything (it coughs at me when I load Farmville). When I do, I hope I get to meet up with old friends, new friends & slay beasts to my hearts content *grins*

All that & not a bit of geekiness in sight! God I'm good! he he he.....


Dissolute said...

There was plenty of geekyness there, so to continue in the geek trend please tell me.....
"Could a space telescope be pointed at the site of the moon landings to prove that humans really did land there?" or are we all doomed to consipracy theorists saying it never happened and America just wasted a load of money to fool the world?!

Stray said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I didn't Just leave you with my Mum because I was being Twinked...that was when she was in her "sharing" phase and I thought it was funnier that she "shared" with you :p

Flowerpot said...

Hmmm ok, I knew Jas would get there eventually, been bracing myself for it! that one might take a bit of research so sit back, relax & turn into a DE while I get Google out!! HAHAHAHA

P.S. Stray, that was mean!!