Saturday, 22 May 2010

Will I ever call video shops dvd shops?

I have no idea babes, I don't call them video shops anyway. I generally don't use them & when I have to refer to them it's by the brand name rather than the generic term 'video shop' i.e. Blockbusters etc.

You could say 'I'm just nipping out to the DVD shop', I'm pretty sure it's personal taste & have a vague suspicion they were called video shops as early as the 80s when they first started surfacing & you could rent a video there. Because technology has moved on quite considerably since the days of the first video shops, we may very well be calling them 'Blu Ray' shops in the not so distant future, although, I'll be surprised if that ever actually catches on either....They're actually still video shops regardless.

The first video I saw was when I was about 10 or 11. It was called 'Blue Lagoon' & stared Christopher Atkins & Brooke Shields. I can't say I enjoyed it very much really, I don't remember that much about it. I think, looking at reviews of it, it must be quite a 'pretty' film. I haven't even got very many memories of it, which is odd, I guess it covered some contravesial issues for the time it was made, but I only know that because I looked it up! I was babysitting for the lady up the road who used to do my hair (no idea what her name was) & I thought it was so cool that she had her own video player/recorder, she took me to the 'video shop' & told me I could choose any film I wanted to watch while I was babysitting their daughter(I'm pretty sure she got a horror film to watch when she & hubby got home). I chose Blue Lagoon, partly because it was one of those 'everyone else I knew had already seen it & I hadn't & wanted to see what the fuss was all about', but also, I think it was possibly the only film I knew the title of! Things have really changed on that score...I own alot of DVDs now.

I used to have alot of Video tapes, so many that I had no where to put them & just used to line them up. Over the years I've replaced them with DVDs & added quite a few to my collection. I have films for whatever mood I'm in & always have something to watch. James used to watch 'Raow King' over & over & over when he was little, he used to smack his dad or I round the head about 7am shouting it & bouncing up & down. Lovely wake up! Jake was a Toy Story freak...he loved Buzz completely & used to stand on the edge of my bed with his arm thrust up shouting 'Finny finny finny OOoooooonnnnn!' Then preceeded to turn around slowly & gently slide of the end of the bed onto his tiptoes & then breathe a sigh of relief when his feet were firmly planted on the floor. Zanna was 'Miss Hocus Pocus' & still is...we often still watch it when we have a girlie afternoon, just the two of us...i've seen it so many times I can almost word for word it now lol.

When we finally got a video player/recorder in our house, my mum taped Calamity Jane for my sister & I. We watched it, sang along to it, danced around the house singing to it while we were doing the housework (& Elvis but we won't go there just now!) and generally completely loved it. When I had a brief stopover in Chicago in February I saw a hoodie that said 'Just Blew In From The Windy City' on the front. I knew it had Dollys name all over it.....she loved many memories. We've tried to get our girls interested in it of course & although they watch it, it's just not the same. My sister & I still know every single word & can sing all the songs (badly lol) but Shhhh don't tell anyone, it's our secret!

Stray & I will always have 'Two dollars & fifteeeeeeeeen cents!'....Shiv & I will always always be 'reaching for the moon'.

Video is still an apt term for the shops that rent & sell moving pictures. Digital video refers to DVDs, Blu ray, MPEG4, etc. & Analogue video includes VHS & Betamax. So it's still ok to call them video shops at the end of the day, they rent & sell moving pictures. So, because DVD is just a type of digital video, if you called them 'DVD shops' you wouldn't be right, but you can still call them that if you want to :)


Stray said...

In the film The Breakfast Club Bender starts telling a joke as he crawles throught the heating duct.

"A naked blond walks into a bar, with a poodle under one arm and a two foot salami under the other. She lays the poodle on the table. Bar-tender says: "I suppose you won't be needing a drink." The naked lady says..."

What? What does she say??

Flame said...

I'd completely forgotten that bit!

Flame said...

How do they know how babies tongues work to breastfeed - positioning of nipple inside the mouth etc? Have they done fancy camera stuff or something?