Saturday, 15 May 2010

If you dont have any super powers and could pick one which power woudl you pick and how or what would you do with it?

I have a super power. I don't let on very often because most people would think I was bragging & then I'd have to prove it & it gets complicated. I'm not shy about sharing that fact on here but I can't go into details even with you. They'd lock me up & do experiments on me!! He he he.

I would find it difficult to choose a superpower for myself actually (good job I have one already!). Even in games I've played, where you have to choose your own power, I've hummed & harred & always wished I'd picked a different one. So to 'pick' a power for 'real life me' I would find very hard, although, I would quite like to have the powers of a vampire. Not a Twiglet vampire (the acting's wooden so Bob renamed it & Christa giggled), the sparkling would put me off, but if I HAD to be one I'd rather be Alice than any of the others. I like the fact they can fly, are very fast, live for a looooong time etc. The bloodsucking doesn't sound fun but I suppose I could if needs must lol. They just seem to have the whole package instead of a single power, a bit greedy perhaps but I'd rather that than just being able to fly or whatever.

Time travel is a bit of a fascination too....I'd hate to go back & live my life again, but some bits it'd be nice to visit. I'd like to say I'd use any superpower I had for the good of others but I'm not so sure I would actually lol. I can be a bit of a selfish bint when I choose!

This is a short version....I'm getting nagged, but 'I'll be back'!

OK, I'm back & I've thought a bit more about this whole 'time travel' thing. I think that's the one I'd like best. From a personal view, I'd like to time travel so I could go back & view the bits of my young life that have affected me as an adult & try to see them from a different point of view. I think alot of the things we go through as children have a way of feeding the insecurities we have & perhaps this would be a way of slaying the demons? Who knows, must be worth a try though.

I'd like to see my mum too & my dad before he got sick.....& my little dog. See, I'm selfish! It's all about me! lol.

I'm not sure how I'd use the power for the good of mankind.....perhaps I'd do a 'Bill & Ted', consult with world leaders & past philosophers.....I don't know but I'm sure I'd be able to find a way. This one might need a bit more thought.....

I have this in my head at the moment....


Flame said...

Will I ever call video shops dvd shops?